How we use VR in Psychotherapy

Amelia Virtual Care

Amelia Virtual Care is an evidence-based platform designed specifically for mental health professionals. 

It was developed as a tool for a safe and effective immersion of a patient in simulated environments as part of therapy sessions for mental health conditions such as Specific phobias, OCD, Generalized and specific anxiety, PTSD, etc. We also use Amelia VR for relaxation and focus improvement in children and adults with ADHD and Stress related conditions.

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 Why we love using VR in psychotherapy 

Safety. Exposure Therapy is recommended if you or your child has a fear of heights, planes, public speaking, needles, or other phobias/anxiety. However, it is much safer to use a simulated environment in the comfort of our therapy room than a real environment. VR environments are customized to every client. The severity of the exposure is gradual, and controlled by a therapist through the application.

Effectiveness. In cases where supervised exposure to a real environment is not possible as a part of the therapy session (skyscrapers, plains, medical interventions, exotic animals, etc.) using imagination for exposure therapy would be suggested. However, imagination does not always work for people with severe anxiety and children.

Environments. We have access to 100+ immersive environments for Exposure, Relaxation, and Focus.

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VR Environments for Anxiety, ADHD, and Stress related health issues 

General environments for Relaxation, Mindfulness, Meditation, Education, concentration, Focus, Attention, Recovery.

Environments for exposure - Animals, Driving, Flying, High places, Sleeping and Darkness, Tight spaces, Crowded spaces, Public Speaking, Social situations, Cleanliness, Eating, Exams, Medical appointments, Moods, School, etc.