CBT-Based Programs for Teen Girls

Registration for Fall 2023 group is now closed 

Email to barrieanxietyclinic@gmail.com to get on the Spring 2024 list 

Girls Confidence Club is a set of unique CBT-based programs created and facilitated by a practicing child and youth therapist and founder of the Barrie Anxiety Clinic Yuliya Levina. GCC programs are in-person interactive skill-building classes for girls who want to:

Our Vision

A new generation of confident, resilient, and content girls and young women who know what they want, know how to deal with stress and adversity, know how to build personal and professional relationships, and how to create their future.

GCC girls know how to manage their thoughts, emotions, behavior, and even body responses. They are not looking for validation through social media and peers. They know how to set goals and achieve them. They know how to communicate assertively and how to say No. They see their mistakes as opportunities for growth and learn from them.

What GCC isn`t

GCC is NOT a clinical intervention. If your daughter is struggling with a mental health condition and requires therapeutic intervention please schedule your one-on-one appointment with Yuliya or contact your family doctor.  

GCC is NOT an emotional support group. Although we do teach and provide some emotional support during our classes, it is not our main goal. GCC programs are practical, fun, and oriented toward skill-building.