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Our next sessions:

August 7, 2024 

September 25, 2024 

Classes will take place on Wednesdays at 5 pm. 

Where: Sandbox Center, 24 Maple Ave, 2nd floor, Barrie, ON 

Program length: 6 weeks, 1 hour classes. 

Program cost: $360 and required in full at the registration. The cost includes printed materials, snacks, graduation party, and certificates. 

Age of participants: 9-15 year old. Girls will be divided into groups by the age. If your girls are 16-17 year old and would like to participate in the program, please submit your request to gcc@barrieanxietyclinic.com

What is the Girls Confidence Club (GCC)

Girls Confidence Club is a practical CBT-based skill-building program focused on increasing Emotional Intelligence (EQ). It was created by a practicing child and youth therapist and founder of the Barrie Anxiety Clinic Yuliya Levina who has been serving children and families in the clinical and community settings for more than a decade. 

GCC girls: 

✅ Know how to control their emotions and behavior.

✅ Know how to deal with stress and anxiety.

✅ Know how to build personal and professional relationships.

Know how to set goals and achieve them.

✅ Are not looking for validation through social media and peers. 

Know how to communicate assertively and how to say No. 

What GCC is not

GCC is NOT a clinical intervention.

If your daughter is struggling with a mental health condition and requires therapeutic intervention please contact your family doctor or schedule your appointment with Yuliya.  

GCC is NOT an emotional support group. 

Although we do discuss emotional support during our classes, it is not our goal to provide it. GCC programs provide practical and skill-building psychoeducation aimed to increase Emotional Intelligence. 

Components of Emotional Intelligence that we target

Self-awareness: girls will learn how to recognize and understand emotions, learn where they come from and how they influence actions.

Self-regulation: girls will learn how to manage their emotions and actions in a healthy way.

Social skills: girls will learn how to build and maintain healthy relationships, how to communicate effectively, how to recognize and deal with toxic people and how to avoid toxic relationships.

Motivation: girls will improve their school, sport, and future career performance.

Empathy: Girls will learn how to understand other people emotions and offer support. 

What to expect