Prevention is better than treatment.

Our clinic offers practical, skill-building psychoeducation programs tailored for children, youth, and adults. Our primary focus is to enhance Emotional Intelligence (EQ). By equipping individuals with the tools to understand and navigate their emotions, manage stressors related to personal and professional life, and adopt healthy coping mechanisms, we aim to achieve several vital outcomes:

At the Barrie Anxiety Clinic, we believe that investing in emotional education is an investment in a healthier, more resilient future. By addressing this critical gap, we contribute to the holistic well-being of our community.

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The Girls Confidence Club is a Practical CBT-Based Skill-Building Program. Its primary objective is to enhance Emotional Intelligence, assist current youth mental health crises, and improve resilience and overall well-being. Created by Yuliya Levina, a seasoned child and youth therapist, and the visionary founder of the Barrie Anxiety Clinic, this program draws upon her extensive experience spanning over a decade. Yuliya’s commitment to serving children, families, and adults in both clinical and community settings underscores the program’s credibility and effectiveness. Read more and Register

Our Workshops and Presentations

"Depression and Anxiety". Workshop for Community Safety/Emergency Management students.

"Emotional Intelligence in Leadership". Workshop for Protection, Security & Investigation students.

Interprofessional Education. Guest speaker at Interprofessional Education & Practice in Human Services & Community Safety.  

"The Myth of Perfect". Presentation for TARA Talks, Conference for women. 

"Emotional Regulation and Anger Management". Two-day workshop for students.

"Parenting a child with Autism". Workshops for parents of children diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. 

"Cultural Diversity in Mental Health". Presentation at the Canadian Mental Health Association National Conference.

"Internet Addiction. Psychoeducation and Prevention strategies". Workshop for parents and caregivers.

"After having Yuliya of the Barrie Anxiety clinic as a guest speaker, I would rate my mental health awareness at a 8-9, compared to a 3-4 at the beginning of the semester. It really opened my eyes that talking about your thoughts, feelings or emotions is ok, and does not make you any less than another individual. It certainly helps hearing about other first responders seeking help, and it helps reinforce that even though they are tough, they are not invincible. I was also extremely happy having the opportunity to talk to Yuliya about types of treatment, and her thoughts on medication to treat such disorders. She really helped me see things in a different light, so for that I owe a big thank you. "  

Georgian College Student

For inquiries about workshops and speaking services please contact Yuliya at